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stephen sharpe

Stephen Sharpe, Principal of SHARPeTools

Stephen Sharpe is founder and CEO of SHARPeTools, Inc. ( a web application development firm. SHARPeTools and its marketing affiliate Sharpe Communications have been building brands online since 1999. During this time Stephen has leveraged his business marketing background with web technologies, building everything from one page brochure web sites for small clients to large infrastructure projects. For almost 20 years Stephen and his team have worked with clients writing hundreds of custom online applications and assisting them in going to market online more efficiently.


Notable Projects:

  1. (Sr. Software Developer, Project Manager 2000-2002) We built one of the first niche data aggregation websites into a business. We spidered and aggregated every Yacht for sale internet (not unlike or Our largest competitor ( sued Yachtbroker over our spider technology and lost. Then YachtWorld bought the company.
  2. (Dir. of Marketing, CEO 2002-2008) As a fully licensed USDOT/NHTSA vehicle manufacturer, in five years Vengeance manufactured 998 custom motorcycles with over $25M in sales. With a network of 40 dealers we implemented the first online dealer/production/service portal in the industry. In 2008 due to economic restraints Vengeance ceased production our loyal owners group still gathers at
  3. – Eisenhower Medical Center (Sr. Software Developer 2008-current) – Health Care is the worlds largest industry today – it is three times larger than the banking sector. After lagging behind for almost five decades, this industry is revitalizing and transforming itself faster than any other vertical.


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